Ensuring Clean Water Through Quality Water Infrastructure

A major portion of what is classified as “infrastructure” in the U.S. is water infrastructure. This is mainly composed of the piping systems that supply homes and businesses with a fresh water supply, as well as a way to carry wastewater away from these places.

Highly-trained and skilled Southwest Pipe Trades Association labor can modernize pipe systems

The Southwest Pipe Trades Association (SWPTA) and our affiliated Local Unions and contractors are in favor of infrastructure legislation that includes replacing old pipes and modernizing the region’s water infrastructure.

At the rate the U.S. is expected to grow in population, the current piping systems in many states and towns will become inadequate; not able to handle the increased use.

We have seen the effects of old and mismanaged piping systems throughout the U. S. in places such as Flint, Mich., for example. When pipes are not properly cared for, maintained or replaced,  they can become contaminated and the consequences can be devastating to the environment and local community.

Due to corrosion, mismanagement and old age, water main breaks are inevitable. This requires a costly cleanup process and inconveniences for everyone who relies on these systems.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) have published some frightening information regarding the need to modernize America’s water infrastructure systems. They estimate about 7 billion gallons of water is lost from leaking pipes in the U.S. and it will cost at least $1 trillion dollars to properly fix this problem.

Creating jobs for pipe tradesmen and tradeswomen by investing in water infrastructure

Just like the New Deal put massive amounts of Americans to work on infrastructure projects throughout the country, modernizing our water infrastructure will do the same. The amount of work that needs to be done is massive. In addition to modernizing our water infrastructure, these projects will help tradesmen and tradeswomen economically as they stand to earn great wages and receive great benefits.

The amount of jobs created would be in the tens of thousands per $1 billion spent and can be increased even more by using American made products and materials.

The pipe trades industry is seeing a great need for new tradesmen and tradeswomen to join the ranks. SWPTA-affiliated unions spend a large amount of money on training and stand ready to train future tradesmen and tradeswomen for this work. Water infrastructure projects could be the impetus needed to show people there is a lot of work to be done in this industry and therefore a viable career as well.

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